Bob And Brad T2 Review

The Bob And Brad T2 is advertised as “the most famous massage gun”. This can already be disproved based on the number of reviews compared to other massage guns. But how good is the massage gun? That’s what I want to find out in the following test report. For this purpose, I bought the T2 from Bob And Brad myself and put it through its paces. I will now present the results.


Bob And Brad T2

Motor Power

no information

Speed Levels



2,000 - 3,200


10 mm

Noise (from 40 cm Distance)

52 dB - 59 dB



Battery Capacity

4,000 mAh

Battery Life

ca. 5 to 6 hours

Battery changeable

Weight (without Attachment)

1.59 lbs (723 g)

Scope of Delivery

  • Bob And Brad T2

  • Ball Attachment

  • Flat Head Attachment

  • Bullet Attachment

  • Fork Attachment

  • Cushion Attachment

  • Carry Bag

  • USB-C Cable

  • Manual


  • The Bob And Brad T2 is in the good midfield.
  • It is characterized above all by its very low weight and the ergonomic handle. Thus, it lies very well in the hand.
  • The stroke length of 10 mm could be larger. Nevertheless, it should reach the deep tissue.
  • The power levels are well-matched. However, I would have liked a lower impact frequency on the lower levels, so that the massage gun is more beginner-friendly.

  • Scope of Delivery and Attachments - 9/10
  • Functionality - 9/10
  • Usability and Handling - 9/10
  • Power Supply - 8/10
  • Noise - 9/10
  • Material and Quality - 8/10


Scope of Delivery and Attachments

Typical for Bob And Brad massage guns is the delivery in a simple black cardboard box. On this, there is a picture of the device. The T2 is also delivered in such packaging.

In the box, there is a carrying bag filled with the massage gun and various accessories. In total, the following is thus included in the scope of delivery:

  • 1 x Bob And Brad T2
  • 1 x Ball Attachment
  • 1 x Flat Head Attachment
  • 1 x Fork Attachment
  • 1 x Bullet Attachment
  • 1 x Cushion Attachment
  • 1 x Carry Bag
  • 1 x USB-C Cable
  • 1 x Manual

In principle, everything you need to use the massage gun is included. I would have only wished that a power adapter was included. Otherwise, you have to use a power adapter from your cell phone or buy one.

The five included attachments are suitable for massaging the most important muscle groups:

The ball attachment is probably the standard attachment for massage guns. It can be used to massage almost all medium to large muscles. The Bob And Brad T2 has a slightly smaller attachment, but it feels just as good as larger models when massaging.

The flat head attachment usually also has a larger surface area than this massage gun. Nevertheless, it is also very suitable for massaging large muscles. Due to its smooth surface, the attachment is especially suitable for massaging the chest and thigh muscles.

The fork attachment has a fairly large gap in the middle. This allows you to leave out ligaments, tendons, and bones during the massage. Accordingly, the attachment is well suited for massages along the spine or calves.

The bullet attachment has a small point where it hits the muscle. As a result, a large force is used during the massage. This makes the bullet attachment suitable for trigger point massage, for example. It can also be used to relieve tension.

The air cushion attachment absorbs the shocks of the massage gun. This means that comparatively little force is used during the massage. This means that the air cushion attachment can also be used to massage sensitive areas and bony areas without causing discomfort.

All in all, the Bob and Brad T2 attachments could convince me very much in terms of quality and quantity. The feeling on the skin is also very good. But I liked the workmanship best. All edges are very clean, and I could not notice any flaws or defects.

You only have to make concessions in one case: If you want to use oils or gels, you need a metal attachment. These can be purchased separately. Alternatively, you can also buy a massage gun with metal attachments.



The Bob and Brad T2 has five power levels. These have the following impact frequencies:

  • 1st Level: 2,000 rpm
  • 2nd Level: 2,300 rpm
  • 3rd Level: 2,600 rpm
  • 4th Level: 2,900 rpm
  • 5th Level: 3,200 rpm

This puts the massage guns in the upper range as far as the number of strokes is concerned. On the one hand, this is good, as it allows for intensive massages. On the other hand, the stroke frequency could be significantly lower on the lower levels. Even 2,000 strokes feel very strong at the beginning, which does not allow for a relaxing massage. The shock frequency could also be too strong for beginners.

The stroke length of the Bob and Brad T2 is 10 mm. This is only slightly longer than the Bob And Brad C2 (8 mm). Nevertheless, the massage feels much deeper, as I noticed in my test. Even if the deep tissue is not yet reached optimally, the result of the massage is thus already very good.


Usability and Handling

The operability of the Bob And Brad T2 is basically self-explanatory. There is a single button on the top of the massage gun. When this is held down, the massage gun turns on. Holding it again turns the massage gun off. A simple press of the button switches the power levels when the motor is switched on. The current level is indicated by small LED lights below the button.

The handling could also convince me. On the one hand, this is due to the handle. This is not round, but rather oval shaped. Thus, it lies particularly well in the hand. In addition, the rubberized handle prevents the massage gun from slipping out of the hand.

The weight also has a positive influence on handling. The Bob And Brad T2 weighs just 1.59 lbs (723 g) without the attachment. With the ball attachment, the weight is 1.64 lbs (744 g). This makes the T2 comparatively light, even if the weight doesn’t quite reach that of mini-massage guns. This makes it much more pleasant to use over a longer period of time than other massage guns weighing 2.20 lbs (1,000 g) and more.


Power Supply

For power supply, the T2 from Bob And Brad has a battery with a capacity of 4,000 mAh. That is a true top value! The battery life is also correspondingly long and lasts for several hours.

During use, the battery charge is displayed with the help of four small lights, which are located at the bottom of the handle. The more of them light up, the more fully the battery is charged:

  • 75 % to 100 % battery charge: four lamps light up
  • 50 % to 75 % battery charge: three lamps light up
  • 25 % to 50 % battery charge: two lamps light up
  • 10 % to 25 % battery charge: one lamp lights up
  • 0 % to 10 % battery charge: one lamp flashing

The battery is charged with the included USB-C cable. This can be connected to a power bank, laptop or PC, for example. An additional power adapter is needed for charging at a power outlet. It takes about 3.5 hours to charge the battery fully.

However, I have one criticism in this category: The battery cannot be replaced. This means that if the battery breaks, the entire massage gun has to be repaired or replaced. During the one-year warranty, this is not a problem. After that, however, the repair is much more expensive than buying a new battery.



As part of my massage gun test, I measure the volume of all massage guns from a distance of 40 cm. I also did this with the Bob And Brad T2. I was able to obtain the following values:

  • 1st Level: ~ 57 dB to 59 dB – similar to road traffic
  • 2nd Level: ~ 52 dB to 53 dB – similar to a conversation
  • 3rd Level: ~ 52 dB to 53 dB – similar to a conversation
  • 4th Level: ~ 53 dB to 54 dB – similar to a conversation
  • 5th Level: ~ 53 dB to 54 dB – similar to a conversation

A phenomenon has occurred with the volume, which I have already observed with the Bob And Brad C2, for example: The first stage is louder than the rest. This is because a kind of beeping noise is perceptible. The volume is thus very high on the first level. There are also much quieter devices on the other stages. Overall, the T2 from Bob And Brad is only in the medium range in terms of volume.


Material and Quality

The material used for the Bob And Brad T2 is mainly plastic. However, this is not negative at all. Despite this, the entire massage gun looks high-quality, sturdy, and by no means cheap. Among other things, this is due to the combination of matte and glossy surfaces.

The workmanship was also convincing across the board. All gaps were very small. The workmanship is also very clean and without any sharp edges. That’s exactly how it should be!

However, I have to deduct points for the smell. Immediately upon opening the package, I was met with a rather strong chemical smell. This probably comes from plasticizers, which are contained in the rubberized handle. The smell only dissipated after some time.


Price Performance

I bought the Bob And Brad T2 for about 95 €. At this price, it was also available when I wrote the review shortly after (~ $90). Price-wise, the massage gun is thus not particularly cheap but is still in the good midfield.

All in all, I would therefore rate the price-performance ratio as “Good”. The massage gun has many strengths and also some weaknesses. For the price-performance ratio to be very good, the price would have to be quite a bit lower.


Conclusion – Bob And Brad T2 Review


If I had to draw a final conclusion, I would place the Bob And Brad T2 in the midfield. This is also reflected in the rating. The massage gun’s major strengths include its lightweight, very good handling, and ease of use.

In contrast, there is an unpleasant chemical smell, which is due to pollutants in the rubber grip. However, at the fairly low price of the Bob And Brad T2, the few weaknesses can be tolerated. All in all, I can recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good massage gun but does not have the largest budget available.

  • Scope of Delivery and Attachments - 9/10
  • Functionality - 9/10
  • Usability and Handling - 9/10
  • Power Supply - 8/10
  • Noise - 9/10
  • Material and Quality - 8/10


  • quite light and compact
  • space-saving transportable
  • carrying bag included
  • simple operability
  • very good handling
  • appears stable and of high quality
  • well thought-out power levels
  • 5 attachments included
  • very well processed


  • Battery not replaceable
  • unpleasant chemical smell at the beginning
  • price could be lower
  • too high number of shocks on lower levels
  • a little bit loud


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