Ekrin B37 Review

Ekrin massage guns are among the best known on the market, along with veterans like Therabody and Hyperice. The Ekrin B37 is the basic model of the brand. It is often presented in reviews as one of the best massagers. But is this statement true? That is what I would like to find out now. For this purpose, I bought the B37 myself and tested it extensively. The results of my test I would like to present to you in this review.


Ekrin B37

Motor Power

no information

Speed Levels



1,400 - 3,200


12 mm

Noise (from 40 cm Distance)

47 dB - 64 dB



Battery Capacity

2,500 mAh

Battery Life

ca. 4 to 6 hours

Battery changeable

Weight (without Attachment)

 2.13 lbs (965 g)

Scope of Delivery

  • Ekrin B37

  • Ball Attachment

  • Flat Head Attachment

  • Bullet Attachment

  • Fork Attachment

  • Carry Bag

  • Charger

  • Manual


  • The Ekrin B37 combines a powerful motor (56 lbs stall force) with a wide frequency range from 1,400 to 3,200 strokes per minute. This makes it perfect for beginners as well as experienced athletes.
  • The massage gun comes with 4 different attachments included. This means that every muscle group can be optimally massaged. Nevertheless, I would have liked to have one or two more attachments.
  • The volume of the Ekrin B37 is 47 dB to 64 dB. Accordingly, nothing stands in the way of a relaxing massage, at least on a low setting.
  • Thanks to good weight and foolproof operation, the massager from Ekrin can be used by anyone without any problems.

  • Scope of Delivery and Attachments - 10/10
  • Functionality - 9/10
  • Usability and Handling - 9/10
  • Power Supply - 9/10
  • Noise - 9/10
  • Material and Quality - 10/10

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Scope of Delivery and Attachments

The Ekrin B37 is delivered quite unspectacularly in a black cardboard box.

In the box is a carrying bag containing the massage gun and the appropriate accessories. Thus, in total, the following is delivered:

  • 1 x Ekrin B37
  • 1 x Ball Attachment
  • 1 x Flat Head Attachment
  • 1 x Fork Attachment
  • 1 x Bullet Attachment
  • 1 x Carry Bag
  • 1 x Charger
  • 1 x Manual

All in all, this provides everything you need for a massage gun. So here I have nothing to criticize.
The situation is different for the attachments. Here are only four pieces included. For example, a metal attachment or a cushion attachment is missing. However, that is complaining on a high level. After all, the included attachments are convincing:

The ball attachment is a standard attachment for massage guns. Accordingly, the Ekrin B37 is also often pictured with it. The ball attachment is suitable for massaging all medium and large muscle groups.

The flat head attachment is also a typical standard attachment for massagers. It is also suitable for massaging larger muscles. Due to its flat surface, it is particularly suitable for the thigh as well as chest muscles.

The fork attachment has a gap in the middle. This can be used to cut out ligaments, tendons, and bones. For example, the fork attachment can therefore be used along the spine or on the calves.

The bullet attachment has quite a small surface area. Through this, the power from the motor is transmitted very intensively. For this reason, the attachment is suitable for a particularly intensive massage, for example, to loosen trigger points.

All in all, the most important essays are thus included. As already mentioned, I am missing a cushion attachment as well as a metal attachment (for massage with oil or gel). However, these are not absolutely necessary.

However, the quality and workmanship have convinced me very much. Especially the feeling on the skin is unique and yet pleasant. I also noticed during the massage!



The Ekrin B37 has a total of five power levels. These have the following shock frequencies:

  • 1st Level: 1,400 rpm – Release Tension
  • 2nd Level: 1,800 rpm – Recover + Flexibility
  • 3rd Level: 2,200 rpm – Deep Massage
  • 4th Level: 2,600 rpm – Relax Fatigued Muscles
  • 5th Level: 3,200 rpm – “Wake Up” Muscles

The different power levels are very well thought out. On the one hand, the levels cover both low and high impact rates. On the other hand, the differences between the levels are neither too small nor too large. Thus, each shock frequency can be used especially for a different field of application.

I also noticed this in my practical test. Here, I noticed such large differences between the individual stages with the Ekrin B37 as with hardly any other massage gun. The first level still felt comparatively gentle and pleasant. From level 3, the massage was already quite intense. But especially on the highest levels, the massage was very strong and is really only suitable for experienced users. This is how it should be!

The amplitude of the Ekrin B37 is 12 mm. This is not a maximum value. Nevertheless, the impact depth is thus in a very good range. Thus, the massager can easily reach the deep tissue.


Usability and Handling

Regarding usability, the Ekrin B37 is not much different from other massage guns. It has a single button. When this is held down, the motor turns on or off. Once the massager is turned on, a quick button press allows you to cycle through the levels. It’s easy as pie and very quick to learn!

The weight of the B37 from Ekrin is 965 g without the attachment or 992 g with the ball attachment. This definitely makes the massage gun one of the heavier models. This makes longer massages quite strenuous.

However, Ekrin counteracts this as follows:

  1. The handle is quite narrow and long. This makes it very easy to grip and hold. In addition, its length allows you to massage hard-to-reach areas of the body.
  2. The handle of the B37 is rubberized, which prevents the massage gun from slipping out of sweaty hands too easily.

Overall, I would therefore rate the handling as “Good”.


Power Supply

A Samsung battery is installed in the Ekrin B37 for the power supply. The fact that Ekrin provides information about this is positive. Many manufacturers rely on no-name manufacturers, whose batteries are correspondingly short-lived.

According to the manufacturer, the battery capacity of the B37 is 2,500 mAh. This is an average value. According to Ekrin, the battery should last up to 8 hours. On the first level, this is possible under certain circumstances. However, a runtime of about 4 to 6 hours is more realistic since you usually do not use only the first stage. That is still very good.

Below the button are four small lights that indicate the battery status. The following applies here:

  • 80 % to 100 % battery charge: four lights
  • 65 % to 80 % battery charge: three lights
  • 40 % to 65 % battery charge: two lights
  • < 40 % battery charge: one light

The display of the battery status is thus quite accurate.

The Ekrin B37 is charged via the included power adapter. This is plugged into the bottom of the handle and connected to a power outlet. Thus, the battery charges in a few hours.

However, I still deduct some points in this category. The reason for this is that the battery cannot be replaced. If it is defective, the entire massage gun has to be replaced.



I measured the volume of the Ekrin B37 from about 40 cm. I was able to obtain the following values:

  • 1st Level: ~ 47 dB to 48 dB – similar to light rain
  • 2nd Level: ~ 50 dB to 51 dB – similar to a conversation
  • 3rd Level: ~ 56 dB to 57 dB – similar to road traffic
  • 4th Level: ~ 54 dB to 55 dB – similar to road traffic
  • 5th Level: ~ 63 dB to 64 dB – similar to a vacuum cleaner on short distance

This puts the Ekrin B37 in the medium to good range. The volume on the two lower levels is very good. This is especially true for the first stage. However, the massage gun gets comparatively loud as the power increases. Especially the surge at the fifth level is very high. In any case, a relaxing massage is no longer possible on this level!


Material and Quality

The material of the Ekrin B37 was primarily plastic. In addition, the handle is covered with rubber. Nevertheless, the massage gun makes a very high-quality impression. This is mainly due to the matte surface in combination with the special color. In addition, the plastic is quite thick and accordingly stable.

The workmanship is also very appealing to me. Thus, I could not notice any defects on the massage gun or the attachments. The gaps were also very small.

I can only make a small criticism of the smell. This was quite chemical at the beginning. This is typical when rubber is used on the handle. With the B37, however, this smell was comparatively weak and quickly disappeared. For this, there is only one point deduction from me!



Price Performance

I bought the Ekrin B37 from a private seller for about $230. Normally the price of the is around $225 or $185 with a coupon directly from the manufacturer’s website. Thus, the massage gun is not cheap. However, it is just as not one of the most expensive models. Rather, it is in the upper price range. However, due to the very good rating in the other categories, I feel the price is very fair.

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Conclusion – Ekrin B37 Review


After my own test, it’s not surprising to me why the Ekrin B37 is rated very well in most reviews. You get one of the best massage guns on the market for a fair price. The only real weaknesses of the massager are its rather high volume, the non-replaceable battery, and the rather high weight. However, this is offset by many strengths.

For example, the massage gun has a strong motor with well-designed power levels. The stroke length of 12 mm makes it possible to massage deep tissue. The B37 also fits very well in the hand thanks to the slim, rubberized handle and is very easy to operate. In addition, there is a very good battery life.

I can, therefore, definitely recommend the purchase!

  • Scope of Delivery and Attachments - 10/10
  • Functionality - 9/10
  • Usability and Handling - 9/10
  • Power Supply - 9/10
  • Noise - 9/10
  • Material and Quality - 10/10


  • space-saving transportable
  • carrying bag included
  • simple operability
  • appears stable and of high quality
  • well thought-out power levels
  • 4 attachments included
  • very well processed
  • long, narrow handle
  • fair price with discount code


  • rather high weight
  • battery not replaceable
  • no pressure sensor
  • comparatively loud on high settings


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