How I test Massage Guns and write Reviews

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Here I would like to explain how I tested the massage guns on this page. Unlike many other websites, I have used all the massage guns myself before writing a review. However, I did not use the massage devices in any way, but followed clear rules and structures. These I present to you here. This will give you an overview of how I came to my ratings.

My Review Process Step by Step explained

As promised, I will now explain to you step by step my procedure for testing the massage guns. But first a few words about me: I am neither a doctor nor a physiotherapist. I have acquired my knowledge on the subject accordingly myself. For this I used books, videos and various websites. Thus, I can of course not give you medical advice. But I can give the view of a typical massage gun buyer and advise you from this.

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Step 1: Find Products to Review

Before I can test a massage gun, I have to consider which device I want to test. Why I choose a particular product can have various reasons. Here are some examples:

  1.  The massage gun is particularly well-known, so it has a lot of reviews on Amazon, for example, or is advertised by big influencers. Then I want to find out whether the feedback actually reflects reality.
  2. A manufacturer approaches me and asks me to write a review on their massage gun. Unless it’s a very bad product right off the bat, I usually always accept such requests.
  3. A new massager from a very well-known manufacturer has appeared on the market. Often, there are little to no authentic reviews at the beginning in the case. Here I would like to take over the task and show my readers whether a purchase is worthwhile or not.

I usually buy the massage guns myself. From time to time, however, it can also happen that manufacturers send me their massage devices. However, I always communicate this in the respective review.

Regardless of how I received the massage gun, the following always applies: I conduct the evaluation of the respective device as objectively as possible. I also communicate this to every manufacturer who wants to send me a massage gun for testing. Accordingly, I do not make my reviews appear more positive in exchange for monetary payments or the like.

Step 2: Test the Massage Guns

Each massage gun is first thoroughly tested by me. To do this, I use all the functions on myself on the one hand and perform different massages on different muscles. In addition, I measure various properties of the massage devices. So I weigh the massage guns and compare the values with the manufacturer’s specifications. I also measure the volume myself from a distance of about 40 cm. During the measurements, I always use the same measuring devices to obtain comparable data.

For measuring the volume I hardly used the sound level meter from Brandson.

Step 3: Write the Review and rate the Device

After collecting and noting all the data about a massage gun, I write the review. I evaluate the following categories, which I always use to structure my test in the same way:

  • Scope of delivery and attachments: The first thing I looked at during the review was the scope of delivery and thus the included attachments. Here I evaluated whether everything is supplied that is needed to operate a massage gun. I also looked at the scope of delivery and the possible uses of the included attachments.
  • Functionality: Functionality is probably one of the most important features of a massage gun. This category includes, among other things, the power of the massage gun and the adjustable power levels. In the case of the latter, I rated positively if there are power levels that are as well-tuned as possible to different uses of the massage guns. After all, for example, one needs a different intensity for a deep tissue massage than for muscle activation.
  • Usability and handling: At least as important as good functionality is pleasant usability. Therefore, in this evaluation category, I looked at how well the respective massage gun can be operated. For me, this includes handling on the one hand. That means I evaluated how well the gun lies in the hand, i.e. how heavy and large the device is. In addition, I looked at how simple or complicated the operation of the massage device is. The easier it is to use, the better my rating.
  • Power supply: As with other technical devices, the power supply also plays an important role with massage guns. Here, the longer the battery life and the shorter the charging time, the better I rated it. I also included in the rating whether the battery can be replaced. After all, it is particularly annoying when the battery breaks and cannot be replaced. Then the entire massage gun would be unusable.
  • Volume: In a massage gun there is a motor that drives the massage head. Such a motor, of course, makes noise. Such are rather disturbing during a relaxing massage. Therefore, I also evaluated how loud the respective massage guns are. In doing so, my rating turned out better if a massage gun is rather quiet. To determine the volume, I recorded each massage gun from a distance of 40 cm at all power levels with a volume meter. To do this, I used a device with an accuracy of +-1.5 dB. Since I used the same meter for all guns, I could compare the values well.
  • Material and quality: A massage gun is usually quite expensive. Accordingly, you want it to last as long as possible. For this reason, I took a close look at the devices from the outside. So I looked at how stable the material is. I also looked at the workmanship. The cleaner it is, the better the rating in this category.
  • Price-performance: The price-performance ratio can be found in every test report. There you will find out if a purchase of the respective massage pitcher is worthwhile from a price-performance point of view. Nevertheless, I have not included this category in the evaluation. This is for the following reason: My goal is to find the best massage gun in my massage gun test. If I now include price as an evaluation factor, the cheaper guns would tend to get a better rating, even though they are not as good as more expensive models. Still, I use price as a weighting factor if two devices could otherwise achieve exactly the same rating.
  • Overall result: In principle, the overall rating of my tests is composed quite simply: Each previously mentioned category, except the price-performance ratio, was given a score from 1 to 10, with 10 being the best possible result. The average of all the rating categories was then taken to determine the overall result.

Step 4: Sell them or give them away

After my test, of course, I do not keep all the massage guns. Instead, they are usually sold afterwards. In turn, I use the money to buy and test more massage devices. Thus, I want to deliver more and more content and provide added value accordingly.

From time to time it can also happen that I organize raffles and give away some massage guns. This often happens in cooperation with a manufacturer on this blog. Regular visits are worth it!


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