Massage Gun Attachment Guide – which Attachment to use for each Muscle

Most massage guns come with different attachments. Especially when you hold a massage gun in your hand for the first time, the question often arises: “Which massage gun attachment is used for what?” If you feel the same way, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, I’ll show you which attachment is used for what.

In a hurry? Here you will find an overview of the most important massage gun attachments:

Graphic overview of massage gun attachments and what they are used for


Standard Attachments

There are usually four standard attachments for massage guns. These include the ball, the flat head, the bullet, and the fork attachment. These massage gun heads are needed to work on various muscle areas optimally. I will explain to you now which of these attachments is needed for what:


Ball Attachment

The ball attachment is a true all-purpose weapon. It is slightly softer than most other massage attachments. This makes it very suitable for beginners, but it can also be used by advanced and professional users.

The ball attachment is usually available in different sizes and even comes in different variations with some massage guns. Depending on the size, the round attachment is used either for large muscle groups or small to medium muscle groups.

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Flat Head Attachment

The flat head attachment has a large flat surface. Accordingly, this massage attachment is also usually used for larger muscle groups. These include, for example, the pectoral muscle, the buttocks, or the quads. But this attachment can also be used for the biceps or calves, although I personally prefer a ball attachment in a suitable size for smaller muscle groups.

Bullet Attachment

The bullet attachment has a firm, quite pointed surface. Accordingly, with this attachment, the forces of the massage gun are concentrated on a small point. Thus, the attachment is usually used for the massage of trigger points, as it achieves a great depth effect Possible A popular application area of this attachment is the sole of the foot.

Fork Attachment

This massage head is also referred to as a U attachment. This is due to its special shape – the gap in the middle serves to leave out tendons. Thus, the attachment can be used on the Achilles tendon, among others.

In addition, the fork attachment can be used in the spine for the same reasons. The gap leaves out the spine and only massages the muscles around it.


Additional Attachments

In addition to the standard attachments mentioned so far, there are also some special attachments. These tend to be included with only a few massage guns. Some of them can even often only be purchased separately. These attachments are usually not absolutely necessary to use a massage gun optimally.


Cushion Attachment

The air cushion attachment could also be one of the standard attachments by now. After all, it is supplied with almost every better massage gun. This attachment is, as the name suggests, similar to an air cushion. Accordingly, the shocks of the massage gun are cushioned by the massage attachment. Accordingly, the air cushion attachment is well suited for massages in bone areas and for tapping massages in the shoulder area.

Thumb Attachment

The thumb attachment is shaped similarly to a finger. This attachment is available for Theragun massage guns, among others. It is used in a similar way to the bullet. Accordingly, the areas of application of the thumb attachment are mainly trigger point massage and treatment of the lower back.

Wedge Attachment

The wedge attachment is specially designed for use on shoulder blades as well as the IT bands (thighs). Due to its shape is very suitable here for the so-called “scraping and rinsing”. This movement is to remove the lactic acid from the muscles.

Supersoft™ Attachment

The Supersoft™ attachment is a special massage attachment from Therabody for the Theragun PRO, Elite, Prime, Mini, G3PRO, G3 etc.. The attachment has replaceable, particularly soft foam tips. This is intended to treat particularly painful muscles. Likewise, the attachment is suitable for all areas of the body that only need a gentle massage.

Another special feature of this attachment is that the top of the foam can be replaced with the help of a Velcro fastener.

Crescent Moon Attachment

The half moon attachment is similar to a flat head attachment, but curved outwards. This makes it suitable for larger muscles with curves. Thus, you can use it for example on the thighs.


Material: Metal vs. Foam / Silicone

Usually, the massage attachments are made of a special foam. This has the advantage that it yields and thus significantly reduces the risk of injury if the massage gun is mishandled. In addition, the foam provides a very pleasant massage feeling.

These properties also apply to attachments made of silicone. However, these are used only in a few models.

For a classic massage with a massage gun, such attachments are preferable due to the characteristics mentioned. However, some manufacturers also offer massage heads made of metal. These are used to apply sports gel or massage oil with the massage gun. If you want to use oil or similar, you should definitely use a metal attachment. Foam or silicone could become porous due to the massage oil and may break.

However, when using metal attachments, make sure that the massage gun is used carefully. Metal does not yield and can cause injury in rare cases. In addition, metal has the disadvantage that it often feels cold, which is not beneficial for the feeling during a massage.

However, one advantage of metal massage heads is that the material glides over the skin much better with oil/gel. This is not so optimally given with plastic.


Changing the Massage Gun Attachment – this is how it works

Replacing a massage gun attachment is as simple as can be, as most manufacturers rely on a plug-in system. With these, the attachment can simply be pulled from the stroke. The new attachment is then simply plugged in.

Depending on the model, there are minor differences in what needs to be taken into account when changing the attachment. However, the change is usually described very well in the operating instructions of a massage gun.


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