7 Percussion Massage Benefits – Why you should use a Massage Gun

Massage guns, and therefore percussion massage, are often advertised positively on social media. But is it true that percussion massage actually has such positive effects on the body? The clear answer is: Yes! In this article, I would like to show you the specific benefits of this massage technique.


Benefit 1: Release Tensions

Especially with regular work at the PC or other one-sided movements, tensions occur. In the worst case, these manifest themselves as stubborn trigger points. In both cases, your percussion massage can help. It loosens the muscles, promotes regeneration, and can reduce pain. For this, even a short massage per day is sufficient.

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Benefit 2: Activate Muscles

It is important to warm up and loosen up your muscles before exercising. A percussion massage can help you do this. A massage with the device promotes blood circulation in the muscles and loosens the tissue. This, in turn, leads to the activation of the muscles as well as reduced susceptibility to injury during training.


Benefit 3: Regeneration Boost

By massaging muscles, it is possible to promote regeneration. This is also true when using a massage gun. The reason for this is that the muscles are loosened, and blood circulation is promoted. This, in turn, leads to a better supply of nutrients and faster healing of the tiny injuries that occur during exercise.


Benefit 4: Prevent Muscle Soreness

If a percussion massage is used directly after a workout, it can not only promote recovery. It also significantly reduces perceptible muscle soreness. This has already been proven by various studies. However, the muscles should not be massaged if muscle soreness has already occurred. This can cause muscle soreness to worsen and the recovery to take longer than without massage.

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Benefit 5: Reduce Cellulite

A study of 60 people showed that all types of massages help to strengthen connective tissue. As a result, visually noticeable cellulite is reduced. This is also true when cellulite is massaged with a percussion massage. Accordingly, massage guns can effectively help in the treatment of cellulite.

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Benefit 6:  Treatment of Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is caused by micro-tears at tendon attachments. These are characterized in advance by tension in the shoulder and neck. By loosening these tensions, tennis elbow can be prevented. A percussion massage can support you in this. The same applies to the treatment of tennis elbow itself, as massage with a massage gun loosens the muscles and promotes regeneration.

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Benefit 7: Improves Lymphatic Flow

The lymphatic system plays an important role in the human body. Among other things, it has a great function in fighting infections. Percussion massage can stimulate the lymph nodes and also improve lymphatic flow. With the right attachment of a massage gun, even Lymphatic Drainage can be performed.

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