Theragun Elite Review

The Theragun Elite is one of the top models of the Therabody brand. This is already evident from its very high price. This is higher than the already high-priced Theragun Prime and only slightly below the Theragun Pro. Whether this price is justified, I will explain to you in the following review. For this purpose, I bought the massage gun myself and tested it extensively.


Theragun Elite

Motor Power

no information

Speed Levels



1,750 - 2,400


16 mm

Noise (from 40 cm Distance)

61 dB - 68 dB



Battery Capacity

no information

Battery Life

ca. 2 hours

Battery changeable

Weight (without Attachment)

2.26 lbs (1,024 g)

Scope of Delivery

  • Theragun Elite

  • Standard Ball Attachment

  • Dampener Attachment

  • Thumb Attachment

  • Cone Attachment

  • Wedge Attachment

  • Carry Bag

  • Charger

  • Manual


  • The Theragun Elite is one of the best massage guns from Therabody. It ranks between the Prime and the Pro in the rating.
  • It has a powerful motor and a large impact depth of 16 mm. This makes it very good for an intense massage of the muscles.
  • However, relaxing massages are not really possible due to the high intensity.
  • The high volume, which is above average, also contributes to this.
  • The price is also very high for the Theraguns. Therefore, I would instead buy the Ekrin B37 for a lower price. It also performed much better in my test.

  • Scope of Delivery and Attachments - 10/10
  • Functionality - 10/10
  • Usability and Handling - 9/10
  • Power Supply - 8/10
  • Noise - 7/10
  • Material and Quality - 9/10


Scope of Delivery and Attachments

Typical of Therabody’s massagers, the Theragun Elite comes in a plain white cardboard box.

So the box is nothing special. However, it is more important to take a look at its contents. This includes the following:

  • 1 x Theragun Elite
  • 1 x Standard Ball Attachment
  • 1 x Dampener Attachment
  • 1 x Thumb Attachment
  • 1 x Cone Attachment
  • 1 x Wedge Attachment
  • 1 x Carry Bag
  • 1 x Charger
  • 1 x Manual

All in all, the scope of delivery can convince me very much. So everything is included that you need for the application of the massage gun. Especially the carrying case looks very high-quality and stable to me.

However, the included attachments also make a very good impression:

A ball attachment can be found on almost all massage guns, including the Theragun Elite. This is a standard attachment that can be used for almost all muscles. It is especially suitable for massaging medium to large muscles.

The dampener attachment is similar in shape to the Ball attachment, but much larger. It also feels much softer. As a result, it cushions the shocks of the massager and can be used especially on sensitive areas of the body.

The thumb attachment is supposed to imitate the shape of the human thumb. This has also been achieved quite well. The thumb attachment is used to treat trigger points, for example. It can also be used to massage the lower back.

The cone attachment has a very small surface for massage. It is therefore also suitable for treating trigger points. In addition, the cone attachment can be used to specifically massage smaller muscles.

The wedge attachment has an elongated, narrow contact surface. It can therefore be used for scraping movements, for example to promote blood circulation. The attachment can also be used to massage the IT bands and shoulder blades.

The shape and size of the massage attachments include everything you need to massage most muscles. The quality, as well as the massage feeling, belongs to the absolute upper class. Thus, there is nothing to criticize here.



The Theragun Elite has the following five power levels:

  • 1st Level: 1,750 rpm
  • 2nd Level: 1,900 rpm
  • 3rd Level: 2,100 rpm
  • 4th Level: 2,200 rpm
  • 5th Level: 2,400 rpm

These correspond to those of the other large massage guns from Therabody. Unfortunately, the frequency range is rather limited. Other massage guns often operate in the range of 1,200 to 3,200 strokes per minute.

Nevertheless, the massage is very good. The differences between the individual levels are also clearly noticeable. But above all, the massage is very intense and has nothing to do with a gentle, relaxing massage. On the one hand, this is due to the impact depth of 16 mm, which is a very high value. On the other hand, the massage gun has a very powerful motor that can exert a lot of pressure on the muscles. Of course, this is just the thing for athletes and physiotherapists.

Another feature is that a connection to the smartphone can be established via Bluetooth. This means that the Theragun Elite can also be controlled via an app. This allows, for example, individual shock frequencies between 1,750 and 2,400 rpm to be set.

Likewise, three preset routines can be called up both via an app and directly on the massager. This involves certain frequencies being played alternately.

A pressure sensor indicates on the OLED display if you press too hard with the massage gun. This is especially helpful for beginners to avoid injuries.


Usability and Handling

There are a total of five buttons for operating the Theragun Elite. The large one in the center is used to start or turn off the massage gun. To do this, the button is held for a few seconds.

Above, below, to the right, and to the left of the button are four additional, small buttons. Two of the four buttons (“+” and ““) can be used to switch through the speed levels. The other two keys (“<” and “>“) can be used to call up preset massage programs. This operation is really child’s play after a short familiarization phase.

As mentioned before, you can also control the Theragun Elite via an app. All you have to do is connect it to your smartphone via Bluetooth and download the Therabody app. The only thing that bothered me at this point was that you have to create an account with Therabody.

The handling, on the other hand, is not on the same level as the usability. This is mainly due to the very high weight of 2.26 lbs (1,024 g) without the attachment or 2.30 lbs (1,044 g) with the ball attachment. This makes it quite strenuous to hold the massage gun during long use.

At least the handle is not too thick. This makes it easy to grip. It also does not slip out of hand too easily due to the rubberized surface.


Power Supply

The Theragun Elite has a permanently installed battery for the power supply. Unfortunately, this cannot be easily replaced, which I find very unfortunate in this price range. After all, a defect in the battery means that the entire massage gun has to be replaced. However, this replacement is possible to free of charge during the two-year warranty.

Unfortunately, I could not find any information about the capacity of the battery. However, the runtime is stated to be about 120 minutes. This is a typical value, which my test could roughly confirm.

The battery is charged via the included power adapter, which is connected to a power source and the massage gun. Thus, the complete charging takes about 1.5 hours. In addition, the power adapter has a replaceable adapter, so you can also use it without hesitation when traveling.

However, I liked the display of the battery status best. This is done via the OLED display directly on the Theragun Elite. It also clearly shows when the battery is charging and when it is fully charged.



I was able to determine the volume of the Theragun Elite from a distance of 40 cm. I obtained the following values:

  • 1st Level: ~ 61 dB to 62 dB – similar to a loud conversation
  • 2nd Level: ~ 63 dB to 64 dB – similar to road traffic
  • 3rd Level: ~ 64 dB to 65 dB – similar to road traffic
  • 4th Level: ~ 64 dB to 65 dB – similar to road traffic
  • 5th Level: ~ 67 dB to 68 dB – similar to a vacuum cleaner

Thus, the Theragun Elite joins Therabody’s other models in terms of volume. And that is not meant positively, but on the contrary: The massage gun is very loud from the first to the fifth level. Especially on the highest level, the volume is hardly bearable. Accordingly, I could not relax with this background noise.


Material and Quality

When it comes to the material of the Thergaun Elite, Therabody mainly relies on plastic with a matte surface in parts and a glossy surface in others. The material is quite thick. Thus, it looks both very stable and extremely high-quality.

The workmanship is also basically very good. The edges are cleanly finished, and the gaps between the individual components are also narrow. However, there is the same problem as with the other Theraguns: There is grease directly on the stroke, below the adapter for the attachments. If you are not careful, you can quickly smear yourself there, which I find quite annoying.

Again, I can’t find fault with the smell. The Theragun Elite simply smells “new”. I could not notice a chemical smell or similar.


Price Performance

I paid €329.99 for the Theragun Elite. That’s also about the price it was available at when I wrote this review (~$349). For a massage gun, this is a comparatively high price. In return, it convinces with the uniquely powerful massage that you know from the brand Therabody. You can hardly get this at a lower price, except with the Theragun Prime. Nevertheless, I can not rate the massage gun too positively with regard to the price. It still has too many weaknesses for this.

My tip: For example, the Flow Mini costs only about half of the Theragun Elite. In my opinion, it is a much better all-rounder and convinces with better handling and much quieter operation.


Conclusion – Theragun Elite Review


As expected, the Theragun Elite ranks between the Theragun Prime and the Theragun Pro. In terms of functionality, it has a few additional features compared to the Theragun Prime. However, it lacks features compared to the Pro.

All in all, however, this is a classic massage gun from the Theragun Gun brand. This means that it has a very powerful motor, a very large impact depth, is quite large and loud, and costs a lot of money. For most private users, it is probably not recommended. After all, it is hardly suitable for a relaxing massage.

However, if you are looking for a massager as a hobbyist or competitive athlete, I can definitely recommend the Theragun Elite! It offers an intensive, deep massage of the muscles, which can certainly promote regeneration.

  • Scope of Delivery and Attachments - 10/10
  • Functionality - 10/10
  • Usability and Handling - 9/10
  • Power Supply - 8/10
  • Noise - 7/10
  • Material and Quality - 9/10


  • 2 years warranty
  • very good handling
  • appears stable and valuable
  • well thought-out power levels
  • 5 attachments included
  • very well processed
  • with helpful app
  • app control possible
  • powerful motor
  • good battery life
  • high-quality carrying bag included


  • quite expensive
  • extremely loud on all levels
  • low frequency spectrum
  • lubricant on the massage head
  • battery not replaceable


FAQ & Troubleshooting

Changing the massage attachments is a breeze and works like this:

  1. Hold the Theragun Elite with one hand and pull off the head with the other.
  2. Simply press the desired attachment back onto the holder on the massage gun.

The charging time of Theragun Elite is about 80 minutes.

The instructions for the Theragun Prime can be found in the included user manual. You can also find the manual online here.

The Thertagun Elite has a two-year warranty.

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