Theragun Prime Review

The Theragun Prime is the mid-range model of the Therabody brand and ranks behind the Theragun Elite as well as the Theragun Pro. According to the product description, the Theragun Prime is a simplified massage gun that focuses on the essential functions of such a massager. At the same time, it is supposed to offer the same deep massage as the high-end devices.

Whether these statements are true and how well the Theragun Prime performed in my massage gun test, I would like to show you in this review. I bought the device myself and examined it in detail.


Theragun Prime

Motor Power

no information

Speed Levels



1,750 - 2,400


16 mm

Noise (from 40 cm Distance)

63 dB - 68 dB



Battery Capacity

no information

Battery Life

ca. 2 hours

Battery changeable

Weight (without Attachment)

2.07 lbs (938 g)

Scope of Delivery

  • Theragun Prime

  • Standard Ball Attachment

  • Dampener Attachment

  • Thumb Attachment

  • Cone Attachment

  • Carry Bag

  • Charger

  • Manual


  • The Theragun Prime is Therabody’s entry-level model. Its rating is accordingly behind the Elite and Pro.
  • It has a powerful motor and a large impact depth of 16 mm. This makes it very good for an intensive massage of the muscles.
  • However, relaxing massages are not really possible due to the high intensity.
  • The high volume (up to 68 dB), which is above average, also contributes to this.
  • The price is very high for the Theraguns. That’s why I prefer the Ekrin B37 or Ekrin B37S, which are cheaper and also suitable for beginners.

  • Scope of Delivery and Attachments - 10/10
  • Functionality - 9/10
  • Usability and Handling - 9/10
  • Power Supply - 8/10
  • Noise - 7/10
  • Material and Quality - 9/10


Scope of Delivery and Attachments

Typical of the Therabody brand, the Theragun Prime comes in a plain white cardboard box.

Although the box seems quite compact, the scope of delivery is quite extensive:

  • 1 x Theragun Prime
  • 1 x Standard Ball Attachment
  • 1 x Dampener Attachment
  • 1 x Thumb Attachment
  • 1 x Cone Attachment
  • 1 x Carry Bag
  • 1 x Charger
  • 1 x Manual

Basically, everything you need to use the massage gun is included. For the price, however, I would have liked a solid carrying case instead of the bag. Also, a few more attachments could have been included. But that’s complaining at the highest level.

So “only” the following four massage heads are included:

The ball attachment is the standard attachment par excellence for massage guns. The attachment is quite large and has a round shape. This allows it to be used for almost all muscle groups.

The dampener attachment has a similar shape to the ball attachment. However, the dampener feels completely different. Thus, this attachment is particularly soft so that it absorbs the shocks and can be used on more sensitive areas.

The thumb attachment was modeled after the human thumb in terms of shape. However, it is much larger than a thumb. The attachment is mainly used for massaging the lower back and for treating trigger points.

The cone attachment is also particularly pointed and is shaped like a cone. Due to the extremely small contact surface, small muscles can be worked in a very targeted manner. The attachment is also used on the hands and feet.

Even though the number of attachments is rather small, the different massage heads cover the most important shapes. Accordingly, every muscle can be specifically worked with the Theragun Prime.

I was also very impressed by the quality of the attachments. Instead of plastic, which is the case with most attachments, these attachments primarily use foam. This material feels very pleasant on the skin.



The Theragun Prime has the following five power levels:

  • 1st Level: 1,750 rpm
  • 2nd Level: 1,900 rpm
  • 3rd Level: 2,100 rpm
  • 4th Level: 2,200 rpm
  • 5th Level: 2,400 rpm

The range of shock frequencies is rather low despite the good number of power levels. A range of 1,500 to 3,200 strokes would have been more desirable to cover more areas of application.

On the other hand, the massage gun offers a very intensive massage that reaches into the deep tissue. This is primarily due to the impact depth of 16 mm. This is a very, very good value! The motor is also very powerful. Unfortunately, however, no concrete information about the performance is given here.

However, it is also positive that the massage gun allows Bluetooth connection with the cell phone. This makes app control possible. Thus, the intensity can be controlled via an app, but also fixed massage programs can be run.


Usability and Handling

The usability of the Prime is one of the best of all Theraguns for me. There are three buttons for controlling the device. The gun can be switched on and off via the central button. Two other buttons are used to switch the power levels up and down. The current level is always shown on display. The operation is thus intuitive and easy to learn.

I can’t say anything negative about the handling either. The Theragun Prime is quite compact and handy. This is reflected in the weight, which is acceptable at 2.07 lbs (938 g) without the attachment or 2.11 lbs (958 g) with the ball attachment.

The handle is also not too thick. This makes it easy to grip. Although it is not rubberized or ribbed, it does not slip out of hand too quickly. The matte surface ensures this.


Power Supply

The Theragun Prime has an integrated battery for power supply. Apart from the fact that it is a 12 V lithium-ion battery, there is unfortunately no information about the battery capacity. However, I can confirm the manufacturer’s statement that the battery lasts for about 2 hours in operation. This is a typical value for most massage guns.

The battery is charged via the included power adapter. This plugs into the front of the gun and connects to a power source. It fully charges the battery in about 80 to 90 minutes.

There are three small lights for displaying the battery status. They blink during the charging process. During operation, they light up again. The more of them light up, the fuller the battery is. However, a concrete indication of the battery state depending on the number of lit lights is missing here as well.

Unfortunately, the battery is not replaceable either. This means that the entire device has to be replaced in case of a defect. I would have expected more here. However, Therabody offers a 2-year warranty. A defective battery should also be replaced during this period.



I measured the volume of the Theragun Prime from a distance of 40 cm. I was able to determine the following values:

  • 1st Level: ~ 63 dB to 64 dB – similar to a loud conversation
  • 2nd Level: ~ 64 dB to 65 dB – similar to road traffic
  • 3rd Level: ~ 65 dB to 66 dB – similar to road traffic
  • 4th Level: ~ 64 dB to 65 dB – similar to road traffic
  • 5th Level: ~ 67 dB to 68 dB – similar to a vacuum cleaner

As already noticed when looking at the values, I have to say that the Theragun Prime is not only very loud but extremely loud. I cannot understand the “QuietForce Technology” advertised by Therabody here. I found the volume in my test not only somewhat annoying but really annoying. Accordingly, I only used the gun as briefly as necessary. Relaxation is not possible for me in this noisy environment.


Material and Quality

Therabody usually relies on plastic for the material of its Theraguns. This is also the case with the Prime. Although the material is not as high-quality as metal, it looks extremely stable and makes a solid impression.

The only thing that bothered me was that there is grease on the stroke of the massage gun, which can stick to the fingers under certain circumstances. I already had to criticize this with the Theragun Mini.

I cannot criticize the workmanship at all. All transitions are cleanly processed. The gaps are also very small. That’s how it should always be, in my opinion!

Last but not least, I took a look at the smell of the Theragun Prime. This is often a problem with inexpensive massage guns, as they often have a chemically acrid smell. I did not notice such a smell with the Theragun gun. Instead, the Prime simply smells “new”.


Price Performance

I paid € 248.99 for the Theragun Prime. On Therabody’s website, the price is listed at $299. At the time of my test, the price in various online stores was around $230. So in terms of price, the Theragun Prime is priced at around $230 to $300. Accordingly, it is definitely one of the more expensive massage guns.

If a powerful motor is important, then the gun is probably one of the cheap variants with such an intense massage. However, other massage guns with a lower price are partly much better in other evaluation categories (volume, handling, etc.).


Conclusion – Theragun Prime Review


The Theragun Prime is Therabody’s mid-range model. However, you don’t notice that at first glance. It makes a very high-quality impression, is cleanly manufactured, comes with a diverse scope of delivery, and offers a very intensive massage.

Nevertheless, the pistol could only score mediocre on my test. The reason for this, apart from minor weaknesses such as the fact that the battery cannot be replaced, is primarily the noise level. Thus, the Theragun Prime was much too loud on every level during use. The volume was not only somewhat annoying but really annoying.

If the volume doesn’t bother you, you’re getting one of the best deep tissue massage guns out there.

  • Scope of Delivery and Attachments - 10/10
  • Functionality - 9/10
  • Usability and Handling - 9/10
  • Power Supply - 8/10
  • Noise - 7/10
  • Material and Quality - 9/10


  • 2 years warranty
  • space-saving transportable
  • very good handling
  • appears stable and of high quality
  • well thought-out power levels
  • 4 attachments included
  • very well processed
  • with helpful app
  • app control possible
  • powerful motor
  • good battery life


  • quite expensive
  • extremely loud on all levels
  • low frequency spectrum
  • no pressure sensor
  • lubricant on massage head
  • battery not replaceable


FAQ & Troubleshooting

  1. You turn on the massage gun by holding the button on it for a few seconds. Make sure you hold the button down long enough.
  2. Make sure that the battery of the massage gun is charged. Before the first use, you should fully charge the battery.
  3. When you use the Theragun Prime for a long time at a stretch, it is possible that it has overheated. In this case, leave the massage gun switched off for at least an hour before using it again.
  4. If this won't help and you still have a warranty on the Theragun Prime, contact the manufacturer with your problem. They can help you in most cases. You can write them an e-mail at:

The battery life is specified with about 2 hours. I can also confirm this from my own test.

The Theragun Prime charges quite quickly and only needs about 80 to 90 minutes for a full charge.

  1. Make sure that you use the original power supply. A massage gun should only be charged with the original charger. If you do not have the original charger, you can purchase it directly from Therabody.
  2. If the battery still does not charge properly, leave it connected to the charging cable for about one hour. Remove the charging cable and then start the massage gun. Empty the battery completely again. Then try to charge the battery again. The whole process may have to be repeated several times.
  3. If this won't help and you still have a warranty on the Theragun Prime, contact the manufacturer with your problem. They can help you in most cases. You can write them an e-mail at:
  4. Avoid completely draining the battery. The problem that the massage gun cannot be charged often occurs when the battery is completely discharged.

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